Why You Can Trust In GigaComm

May 8, 2023
Why You Can Trust In GigaComm

After a wild couple of years, thanks to the global pandemic and world-wide political shifts, trust has become one of the biggest commodities among the greater public.

According to the latest Edelman Trust Barometer report, business is now the only global institution that the general public views as trustworthy and ethical.

So why are consumers trusting in businesses and brands more than ever before?  

A Closer Look At The Report

As the report reveals, there’s a deep sense of weariness, not just in Australia, but worldwide.

For the first time since 2020, the government has entered the realm of distrust in Australia, dropping seven points from last year’s report to 45 percent. 

However, the media is seen as the most distrustful institution in Australia, with 48 percent of respondents stating they view the nation’s media outlets as a key source for misleading or false information.

According to Edelman’s Australian CEO, Tim Robinson, “Distrust in government and media, combined with a lack of shared identity and fears around what the future might hold have led us to this place. As a direct result, business is under heightened pressure to lead the way”.

Despite this feeling of polarisation, there’s still a sense of hope of turning things around.

“The data is clear in calling out the imbalance between trust in business and government, however, the Barometer does indicate that if the two entities work together, we are significantly more likely to see constructive action taken to address these divisions,” says Robinson.

The Cycle of Trust & Innovation

We know that trust and transparency plays an important role for consumers deciding which brands to do business with, but because trust is a two-way street, this can have a huge impact on how brands operate and perform.

Without knowing that their audience trusts them, many companies struggle with the motivation to innovate and look for new ways to deliver their services to customers.

In fact, according to a research report from Harvard Business Review, 82 percent of executives believe that high levels of customer trust makes it easier to innovate, while 71 per cent say consumer trust improves customer loyalty.

These statistics clearly demonstrate the cyclical nature of trust and innovation. Without customer trust, brands struggle to revolutionise their services, and of course without innovation and constantly looking to the future, customers won’t be able to fully trust in your brand.

Why Trust in GigaComm?

Since we started in 2018 innovation has always been at the heart of our operations.

“High-speed internet is essential today to connect communities, drive innovation, stimulate economic growth, and provide greater opportunities. However, many Australian households and businesses are being left behind because they are not able to access affordable, ultra-fast internet.”
Sophearom En, CEO at GigaComm.

After seeing a gap in the Australian market for ultra-fast internet that would support users’ needs now and for generations to come, GigaComm was born.

To ensure that we weren’t being tied down by legacy infrastructures and legacy thinking, our services are completely independent from the National Broadband Network (NBN). 

By having a ‘technology agnostic’ mentality, this means that we can be agile and quick to adapt to new technologies and services as they emerge, which in turn delivers the best service possible for our customers.

Whether you’re passionate about gaming, love streaming movies, or work from home regularly, we understand that our customers place a lot of trust in us.

We take the time to demonstrate the real-world impact our ultra-fast internet speeds have on everyday lives to develop a sense of trust with our audience, and this trust that customers place in us, fuels us to deliver exceptional upload and download speeds, both now and into the future.

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