our network

Optical fibre and fixed wireless technology.
Faster than the Australian download average.

How we design, build and deliver The GigaComm Network

We Think Differently

We’re not weighed down by legacy thinking or legacy technology like many internet service providers who are reselling existing networks.

Latest Technology

We’ve built a network designed for the future. By continuously reviewing and adopting the latest technology, we ensure our network design adapts to meet the growing needs of Australian internet users.

Last Mile Solution

We focus on last mile connectivity, incorporating a variety of next generation fibre technology which incorporates G.fast, the latest broadband over copper technology to deliver reliable and affordable, Gigabit speeds.

Network Resiliency

Network diversity ensures the majority of buildings have multiple paths to the Internet, providing high levels of resiliency.

Your Home or Business Connection

Apartment FTTx
Individual customers are connected to the GigaComm network using existing cabling in their building. Wireless signals are delivered to our rooftop infrastructure, not into your individual apartment.
Business customers are connected to the GigaComm network using a mix of the latest technologies including fixed wireless which is connected to the rooftop of the building and into your business space.

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