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Our latest technology solution consistently delivers ultra-fast, low latency internet.

It’s a solution that means easier access, less disruption, and makes Gigabit speed internet affordable for your office or home. Once your building is connected, you can enjoy the benefits of consistently ultra-fast internet at any time of the day.

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An intelligent, self-optimising network

We use a safe and abundant resource called high-frequency mmWave spectrum. Network points are placed on top of buildings or street level assets, such as lights.

Network points are connected together by mmWave beams to create a multi-point to multi-point coverage mesh. Once your building is covered, we connect up to your building’s existing wiring to deliver our gigabit service.

Multiple signal paths ensure traffic can be automatically rerouted if one path becomes congested or in the rare instance, fails. The network only gets stronger, not slower, with every new connection.

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