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A new network for the Gigabit age

We’re doing it differently so people, businesses and communities can benefit from reliable and affordable Gigabit speed internet

Our independent network uses the latest mmWave technology to avoid the cost, delays and disruptions of the current, lower speed options, so that everyone in our coverage areas enjoy the same great Gigabit speeds

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Why faster is so much better

GigaComm delivers ultra-fast internet speeds up to 15x faster than the Australian average. Whether you’re uploading or downloading files, watching or sharing videos or accessing content, you can do the things you need to do in a matter of seconds. 

Our independent network uses the latest mmWave technology to avoid the cost, delays and disruptions of the current, lower speed options so that everyone in our coverage areas enjoys the same great Gigabit speeds.

Average Australian download speed (39Mbps on Fixed Broadband*)
*The Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019: An Assessment of Australia’s Future Infrastructure Needs 

Why choose GigaComm?


Security you can count on

An independent network, focused on risk management to deliver you a secure internet service

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Great value pricing plans

Flexible plans to suit your needs, including paying month to month or on a 24-month plan with zero install cost

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Priority customer support

A locally based, helpful team, that you can reach easily and quickly

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Business grade reliability

Consistently fast whether you are working from the office or home

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Ultra Fast Speeds GigaComm

Ultra-Fast Speeds 24/7

Finally, the speed you need to work, learn, play or stream

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The GigaComm guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll love the GigaComm difference you can try us out commitment free for the first 30 days

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GigaComm Guarantee

We’re sure that you’ll love the Gigabit difference from your GigaComm service. If, for any reason though, you decide not to continue with your GigaComm service, simply call us before the completion of your first month and we’ll be happy to provide a full refund of any GigaComm charges incurred up to this date.

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What our customers say

"In a co-working space fast, secure internet, is fundamental to our community members being able to do business. GigaComm delivers us consistent, super-fast speeds so there's no fighting for bandwidth or unreliable service at peak periods. That makes it great for our members and removes the frustrations for us. I'd highly recommend making the switch".


Rod Janover

Co-Founder, Engine House Co-Working

“We just didn’t realise there was this type of alternative. We dealt with one person through the process and the implementation was smooth and painless. We ended up saving 35% on our current monthly bill, which will save us thousands this financial year”.


Joy Heng

Hocking Stuart Agency

"There’s just no comparison between what we used to put up with and what we are getting from GigaComm. Our home internet is consistently really fast which makes everyone in the house a whole lot happier”.




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