An Intelligent, Self-Optimising Network

We understand that, in addition to having a really fast internet connection, it has to be reliable. 

Our network is independent from the NBN and incorporates the latest technology to deliver the typical performance  you achieve with fibre, but without the cost, disruptions and time delays you might experience with a fibre service. 

And because we are independent from the NBN, we’re not weighed down by the NBN wholesale costs that other internet providers have to pay. Instead we can continuously invest in our network and in ensuring you receive fantastic customer service.  

GigaComm's Advanced Network

We’ve built a network designed for the future. By continuously reviewing and adopting the latest technology, we ensure our network design adapts to meet the growing needs of Australian internet users. We focus on last mile connectivity, incorporating a variety of next generation fibre and fixed wireless technologies. Our fixed wireless technology is designed and built to the Meta Terragraph standard.

Our technology choices deliver reliable and affordable, Gigabit speeds.

  • FTTx (Fibre to the Building, Distribution Point or Premise), which incorporates G.fast, the latest broadband over copper technology
  • FFW (Fibre and Fixed wireless) technology
Network diversity ensures the majority of buildings have multiple paths to the Internet, providing high levels of resiliency.
Backed by our business and enterprise grade service level agreements our self-optimising network ensures that you have the continuity of service that is so critical to your business.