check your current speed


Our lives are too busy for internet speeds that can’t keep up. Do a speed test

It's increasingly important to have ultra-fast download and upload speeds  –  think video conferencing, creating and sharing content, watching your favourite game or movie without interruption, or backing up files or photos to the cloud.

Ultra-fast, reliable internet is critical for enjoying a frustration-free experience. 

If you're curious about what speeds you’re getting from your current internet service provider, a speed test can measure your connection speed including your download and upload speeds and your ping rate – the reaction time of your connection. 

Running your
speed test

Firstly, it’s important to note that this, or any speed test will show the speeds you are getting from your current internet service provider. 

Your speed test will show you the result at a point in time, so it’s a good idea to run your speed test at a few different times of the day, so you can see the speeds during peak and off-peak periods. 

Step 1
Before you start your speed test make sure you don’t have any applications or downloads running in the background. If you're at home, check you don’t have other devices using your internet like a smart TV or game console.
Step 2
It’s best to perform your test via a direct connection. Connect your computer to your modem via an ethernet cable, this will ensure that your speed isn’t being affected by your Wi-Fi which can impact the results.
Step 3
Simply press the Go button on the speed test and in a few seconds you should see your speed test results.
Step 4
Consider your needs and if it might be time to review what plans are available to deliver an even better experience.

Make the switch to ultra-fast internet Residential

  • Work from home seamlessly without the frustrations
  • Enjoy really fast cloud back-up and always on syncing so your photos, videos and important documents are backed up to the cloud in seconds not minutes
  • Get the most out of your 4K TV or home cinema. Stream movies and live sport in the highest resolution available in every room of your apartment
  • Support the increasing number of devices that rely on your home internet including smart-home security and connected appliances
  • Experience our unbelievably low latency (2-4ms) for smoother, no-lag gaming
  • With GigaComm’s ultra-fast, reliable speeds you won’t have to trade off between activities and screens, so that everyone can enjoy a frustration-free internet experience.

Supercharge your business internet Business

  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds so you can quickly and seamlessly use cloud based applications
  • Highest quality video conferencing so teams can connect and collaborate without drop-outs and buffering
  • Speed and low latency so you can create and share content, or process large amounts of data
  • Consistent speeds, so you can avoid the typical slow downs during peak periods at the start and end of the working day
  • Enterprise grade reliability with committed restoration targets to keep your business running and avoid down-time
  • A locally based support team who know and manage the network directly so you can get to the person who can help when you need it
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South Yarra
I'm loving the performance, low-latency, and stability of the service.



Fastest internet speeds I have ever had the pleasure of using.



Very lucky to have access to great non-NBN solutions.



The speed is awesome, and more than that, it's consistent.



Not only is the internet great but excellent onboarding support.



There's no comparison. Our home internet is consistently really fast.


South Yarra

The GigaComm service has been a complete game changer since the start.


South Yarra