Step 1
Make sure you don’t have any applications or downloads running in the background.
Step 2
Connect your computer to your modem using an ethernet cable. This will ensure that your speed isn’t being affected by your Wi-Fi which can impact the results.
Step 3
Press the Go button on the speed test and in a few seconds you should see your speed test results.

Are you getting what you paid for?

Forget about constant speed checks and on/off peak times. With GigaComm, you'll get internet you can depend on, with consistent reliability.

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The gigacomm difference Why you can depend on us


Consistent Reliability

Say bye-bye to buffering, forget frozen screens, and let video conference catastrophes be a thing of the past.


We use cutting edge fibre and fixed wirless technology, completely bypassing the nbn to deliver seamless connectivity.

Ultra-Fast speeds

Stream, browse and connect with our 200-1000Mbps download and 50-100Mbps upload plans.

Customer Service

Our Australian-based friendly support team understand the technology and can help solve any queries quickly and painlessly should you need them.
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