Is your internet setting you up for success? 

While many people have learnt to live with internet download speeds of 50Mbps - or less, our busy work and home lives are demanding much greater speeds and levels of reliability. From smarter homes and cars, a myriad of connected devices to the exponential growth in cloud based software, our internet is the backbone enabling so much of our daily lives. 

At GigaComm, our independent network delivers the consistently ultra-fast speeds and levels of reliability to support the things and people you will be increasingly connected to. And while ISPs generally focus on increasing download speeds we understand that you're going to need both ultra-fast download and fast upload speeds.

So how do we deliver such ultra-fast, reliable speeds? 

We use a combination of the latest fibre and wireless technologies to deliver our next-generation Gigabit services.

Our next-generation network is completely independent from the NBN. 

Ultra-Fast Speed Is Just The Beginning

Our download speeds start from 100Mbps, with the option to easily upgrade to 1000Mbps if you are looking to supercharge your home or business internet. 

And with our fast upload speeds, you can not only stream your favourite movies with less interruptions, you can also upload photos faster, use video messenger services or make that critical zoom call more reliably.

For business customers, our high symmetrical speeds ensure teams can be super productive as they create, collaborate and increasingly use cloud based solutions to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive efficiency through their business. 

But we also understand that part of the future-proofing, is providing a level of customer care that can address any problems as and when they happen and adapt as your needs change. That's why we have a 100%  Australian based support team so we are there when you need us. 

Looking for internet that doesn't just serve your current needs but sets you up for the future? Contact our team today at info@gigacomm.net.au or by phone on ph: 1300 004 442, from Monday to Friday 8.30am-6.00pm (AEST).