about us

The Future of Internet
& Connectivity

GigaComm is an innovative and independent provider of connectivity and managed network services.

We live in an increasingly digital world where communications networks and digital services play a critical role in Australian’s everyday lives.

We were founded with the purpose of building the future of digital infrastructure in Australia – a new network capable of transforming the digital capabilities of communities and businesses we connect. We’re committed to reducing the digital divide by expanding our network to connect more communities, so no-one, including those that can least afford it, is left behind.

We want to foster greater social connections, sparking innovation and collaboration to underpin our economy in the digital age. To do this we have designed, built and manage a carrier-grade access network capable of delivering ultra-fast, secure, and affordable gigabit speed connectivity.

Why GigaComm The GigaComm Difference

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Commercially and socially driven

Our mission is to actively address digital inclusion for all Australians, including working with partners to deliver our services to social and affordable housing residents.
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We think differently

We’re not weighed down by legacy thinking, legacy technology or legacy investment like many ISPs who are reselling existing networks.
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We have built and operate a network independent from the NBN, which focuses on the “last mile” of connectivity and is designed for the future.
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Latest technology

We are technology agnostic, with a hybrid network that combines the latest technology available, to deliver great value, ultra-fast internet with speeds up to 1000Mbps.
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Network diversity

Our network diversity ensures the majority of buildings have multiple paths to the Internet, providing high levels of resiliency.
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Experienced team

While we think differently, our board and executive team brings years of experience building and delivering telecommunications solutions.

Our Board

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Co-Founder & CEO, Director

Sophearom En

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Co-Founder & Chairman

Peter Shore