Why has your home internet upload speed become so important?

Jul 12, 2021
Why has your home internet upload speed become so important?

The way we use the internet has changed. Australians are now uploading more and more content, which means you’ll need an internet plan that has the necessary upload speeds so your device can very quickly and easily both receive and send information to the internet.

What exactly is driving this need for much faster upload speeds?

Working From Home

During the pandemic, millions of Aussies have juggled their home also becoming their office. The fact that modern workplaces have embraced cloud-based software and data-storage means fast and reliable upload speeds are essential wherever you need to work. 

When applications are accessed via the cloud this means your laptop or PC needs a fast and reliable pathway to both send and receive.  Many people struggle to do this without ultra-fast and reliable upload speeds, meaning they simply can't work as efficiently from home as they need to. 

Moreover, during COVID lockdowns our raft of daily Zoom calls has become crucial to keeping us all working during the pandemic, and most experts are predicting that we will continue to work from home for some time to come, at least for a few days per week.

This means having fast and reliable upload speeds are crucial, particularly if we want to have HD and even 4K video conferencing at the same time as we are using cloud-based services.

Online Gaming

While many people think of gamers as teenagers, more than 2 out of 3 Australians play video games, and the average age of gamers has risen from 24 years old to 34 years old.

That means there are millions of Australian video gamers who are now competing with rivals in online gaming battles where a win can often be decided by the quality of internet connection each player has – with a fast and reliable upload speed a critical component of success.

If an online gamer in a combat game has a fast and reliable upload connection that means that the central game server receives their commands faster which, in turn, can mean the difference between delivering the winning shot or being on the receiving end of it.

Similarly, when our online gamers are playing multi-player team games – think Fortnite, Rocket League and PUBG, with their friends and families, then those fast and reliable upload speeds mean they can communicate faster with their teammates in crystal clear HD voice.

A slower upload speed that doesn’t enable clear communication and causes lags and drop-outs adds a level of frustration players don’t need – and that could well cost them the game.

Creating and Collaborating

User generated content (UGC) is now one of the most popular forms of online entertainment with hundreds of thousands of Australians now regularly uploading videos to sites such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and many others. Often this content is made or edited by collaborating with others online. 

Whilst its easier than ever before to make video content it’s also critical to be able to upload it fast and securely.

It used to be that uploading a two-hour video file could take, quite literally, days to upload, but with the ultra-fast and reliable 100Mbps upload speeds available to GigaComm’s residential end-users that same two-hour video can be uploaded in less than five minutes.

Connected Devices

By 2022, Australian homes are expected to have an average of 37 devices connected to the internet – more than doubling from just 17 in 2018 – with those devices ranging from laptops, tablets and phones through to fridges, light-switches, heaters and so many more.

The more devices that we have connected to the internet and sending their operational data upstream, then the greater upload speed we need to have on our home internet plan so that they can upload their data reliably and seamlessly.

If we want our ‘connected home’ to run smoothly then a fast and reliable upload speed is crucial because if our internet connection is down, even briefly, then our devices cannot connect online and may not perform optimally.

Some connecting devices don’t require significant upload speeds, for example remote-controlled lighting applications not requiring much capacity. But if you have a HD-video home-security system in place then an ultra-fast upload connection will enable your video to be sent to, and stored in the cloud, quickly and reliably.

How GigaComm is Meeting the Demand for Faster Upload Speeds

At GigaComm, we are providing Australians the internet speed and reliability they need to work, learn, play and be entertained – often simultaneously, across the range of connected devices connected in their home.

We understand that fast and reliable upload speeds are just as important as ultra-fast download speeds and have designed our network to be able to meet the increasing demand for these faster upload speeds.

We have great value residential plans that all come with a minimum upload of 50Mbps - and the ability to double your upload speeds with our Upload+ pack.

If you’re tired of the dreaded buffer bar, don’t want to risk lags and drop-outs or just want to future-proof your home internet, now’s the time to speak to us about how our independent network is providing a new and better choice.

If you would like to check exactly what upload speed you are currently receiving you can check your speeds.

GigaComm provides great value Gigabit Internet, delivered over our revolutionary network. 

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