Why potential new tenants are asking “How’s the internet?”

Aug 12, 2021
Why potential new tenants are asking “How’s the internet?”

Instead of viewing a new apartment and checking out the water pressure or a new office location and checking out parking arrangements, tenants are now just as likely to ask “How fast is the internet?”

Anyone living in an area getting internet speeds of around 30-60Mbps (or less during peak periods) can attest to the frustrations of streaming interruptions, the dreaded buffer bar and poor quality connections.

Just like utilities such as water, gas or electricity, the quality of our day to day lives is increasingly dependent on fast and reliable internet.

That dependency has only increased over the last 18 months as we adjusted to living in a global pandemic and juggling all the competing priorities our bandwidth has to cope with – think working, e-learning, gaming, streaming all those zoom calls and messenger video catch-ups.

In fact, it’s estimated that during 2021 the rate of working from home doubled from 21% in early 2020 to almost 50% by early 2021. And of these approximately 47% expect to be working from home at the same levels until at least early next year.

It's no surprise then that the type of internet available in the building has become so important to tenants.

Speeding Towards a Better Internet Experience

As we increasingly work from home, residents need the internet capacity and low latency that removes any frustrations and enables them to be as productive as possible .

While the principal applies to any industry, it’s particularly relevant for workers in creative fields, who need the bandwidth to create, curate and publish content. Or architecture and construction professionals who use a range of software platforms to develop plans and documents. Or data driven companies where processing and securely storing data is at the heart of their business.

And regardless of the particular business sector they work in, there are few people working from home who haven’t seen a big jump in their use of video conferencing to connect and collaborate. With typical internet plans focusing on download speeds, it’s one of the many reasons more people are considering not just the download speed they need but also the increased upload speeds to ensure effective two-way communication.

They’re also interested in the latency of their service. Latency, which is often shown as “ping”, on a speed test, is about the time it takes for the information to make the round trip from your device to the intended destination and back again. A high ping rate indicates the level of transfer delays you might experience while a low ping rate means a more responsive connection. A ping of 10ms provides a better experience than a ping of 100ms.

How do we deliver the Internet Experience Tenants Need?

Understanding the level of frustration and seeing what other internet service providers – the vast majority of who are NBN resellers – were on the market, GigaComm set out to build a better internet.

To offer a new choice to Australian residential and business customers.

We are an Australian telecommunications company and our network is completely independent from the NBN. It uses a combination of optical fibre and the very latest fixed wireless technology to deliver reliable, ultra-fast internet to your building.

The design of the network and technology choices ensures business grade reliability for every residential and business customer on our network.

In addition to reliable, Gigabit speeds, the network delivers remarkably low latency of only 2 - 4ms, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is compared to other Australian ISPs where latency levels average between 5 - 15ms and up to 50 - 100ms during peak times.

Our network design avoids the digging and disruption of putting infrastructure in the ground, while delivering internet speeds that customers tell us are “unbelievably better”.

And once installed our 100% locally-based support team is there to help if you need them.

In fact, our customer feedback and recent Trustpilot reviews are testament to just how much they are appreciating the GigaComm difference. Not only do customers talk about our “awesome” speeds but also the “reliability of the network”.

We Work with Building Owners, Managers & Owners Corporations/Building Corporations

There is no cost to have GigaComm’s network infrastructure installed into your building. Our experienced technicians can have the building installation completed in a number of weeks. We consult with all parties through the journey providing information, updates and transparency each step of the way.

Once our infrastructure is installed in the building we can connect individual apartments or offices who sign up for our service in under 10 days.

FTTx plans start at 200Mbps up to our full Gigabit, 1000Mbps plan. And, for business we offer ultra-fast symmetrical speeds and great VOIP telephone solutions. 

See how we work with Owners Corporations, Body Corporates and Building Managers to deliver ultra-fast, reliable internet to their residents or offices.

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GigaComm provides great value Gigabit Internet, delivered over our revolutionary network. 

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