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Taking the stress out of working from home

Working from home can be great – but also has its challenges.

Slow, unreliable internet shouldn’t be one of them.

With GigaComm’s ultra-fast speeds, intelligent WiFi and helpful customer support, you have an ultra-fast, secure and reliable solution.

You’ll enjoy no-drop out, high-quality video conferencing and immediate saving and sharing of files and videos. With GigaComm you have the confidence of knowing you can connect, collaborate and get the work done from anywhere in your home, at any time of the day.

Why ultra-fast internet is the game-changer we all need.

Why faster is so much better

GigaComm delivers ultra-fast internet speeds up to 15x faster than the Australian average. Whether you’re uploading or downloading files, watching or sharing videos or accessing content, you can do the things you need to do in a matter of seconds not hours. 

Average Australian download speed (39Mbps on Fixed Broadband*)
*The Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019: An Assessment of Australia’s Future Infrastructure Needs 

Ultra-fast internet for everyone in your home

Everyone in your home should have the internet speed they need to work, learn, play or stream. Instead of worrying about fighting for bandwidth across multiple devices and users, GigaComm delivers the Gigabit speeds and reliability to ensure everyone in your home can do the things they want to do.

Ultra-fast internet speeds 24/7,  delivered and supported by a helpful team that’s easy to reach.

Come and join the Gigabit community today.

Discover why GigaComm is different to the NBN

What our customers say

"There’s just no comparison between what we used to put up with and what we are getting from GigaComm. Our home internet is consistently really fast which makes everyone in the house a whole lot happier”.





GigaComm Guarantee

We’re sure that you’ll love the Gigabit difference from your GigaComm service. If, for any reason though, you decide not to continue with your GigaComm service, simply call us before the completion of your first month and we’ll be happy to provide a full refund of any GigaComm charges incurred up to this date.

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