Powerful Wi-Fi, delivering new levels of control and a perfectly consistent connection to every corner of your home.

See how intelligent Wi-Fi can work for you

Consistent speed and coverage with Wi-Fi that proactively adjusts to the needs of everyone in your household

Our next-generation, intelligent Wi-Fi proactively monitors detected Wi-Fi signals and intuitively moves your device to the most stable Wi-Fi connection so, as you move, you always receive the best signal. Unlike mesh Wi-Fi set-ups that only work in a static manner, our award-winning Wi-Fi solution continuously learns and performs self-optimisation to keep everyone connected. 

Best-in-class security featuring behavioural analysis and anomaly detection

GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi provides always-on digital and data security for every device on your network. It classifies devices using cloud-based AI to develop a whitelist of expected behaviour. For example, normal behaviour is different between a baby-monitor, a laptop and a smart TV. Unusual behaviour is detected, quarantined or blocked for a particular device. Additionally, because it uses cloud-based AI, it is continuously up-to-date with new devices, new behaviours and – most importantly – new threats. 

Content access and parental controls

GigaComm Plume's content access feature allows you to restrict content for a device or person. We have identified the most common content filtering categories that you can use to personalise and control your online experience.

There are four content filtering categories:  No limits, kids appropriate, teenager friendly and no adult content.


Physical protection in your home

The Motion Detection feature detects movement within the physical Wi-Fi coverage area and notifies you via the GigaComm Plume app of any movement when you are not at home or at work. This feature can be easily enabled or disabled for each GigaComm Plume SuperPod in your home.

Intuitive tools for managing users, devices and internet access.

People come and go from your home, and so should their Wi-Fi access. With GigaComm Plume HomePass Control features, you can create guest passwords that determine what devices they can access and with expiration dates for extra security.

You can also easily see what devices are connected, what time they connected and how much data has been used by each device.

GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi
GigaComm Plume HomePass

The HomePass smartphone app is the key to your home connection


Easy install and flexibility to add additional GigaComm Plumes as your home needs change.

With our homes becoming increasingly more connected the GigaComm Plume HomePass ™  smartphone app helps you visualise your network by watching devices connect and move from SuperPod to SuperPod in real-time with the HomePass application network map.

Monitor your speeds over time and review the overall health of all your connections for full performance visibility. It’s all powered by tri-band Wi-Fi hardware with auto-channel optimisation technology.

GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi SuperPods work seamlessly with your GigaComm Gigabit ready modem. And, with automatic cloud-deployed updates, you know your GigaComm Plume SuperPods are continuously delivering the best Wi-Fi experience for everyone in your home.

The GigaComm Plume HomePass app guided self-install makes it simple to have your Plumes connected in minutes. The sleek design of the SuperPods means they look great, and are so small they can fit into your hand. They can be plugged directly into the wall socket, meaning no messy cables. 

Two SuperPods are ideal for single-storey apartments. Multi-storey homes with 3 bedrooms or multiple living areas will work better with additional SuperPods, as will premises with thicker brick or concrete walls that can block the transmission of Wi-Fi signals.

Pricing Plans

Gigabit Plans

$15 / month or free on 24-month contract
  • Additional Plume Superpod


200, 300, 400 or 600 Plans

$15 / month
  • Additional Plume Superpod


Have more questions about GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi?

Visit our Plume FAQs for more information or contact us on 1300 004 442.


“Plume is markedly different from anything else on the market. Rather than making you dive into the app and manually select how you want your network to behave, it watches your network traffic and improves itself over time.”


“Plume's SuperPods make a good case for turning Wi-Fi into a subscription. In today’s world, where everyone is constantly connecting more and more devices to your network, with different needs and different levels of security, managing it all is becoming an arduous task.”


“I've tried a ton of great tech over the past two and a half years, but some gadgets stand out way more than others...Plume's SuperPods are hands-down the best Wi-Fi routers I've ever tested.”

Plume is a recipient of two accolades at Wi-Fi Now Awards 2020


GigaComm Plume Technical Specifications

Triple band, simultaneously operating 2.4GHz and 5GHz 2x2 MIMO and 5GHz 4x4 MU-MIMO 802.11b/g/n/ac radios

Operating bandwidths of 20/40MHz for 2.4GHz radio and 20/40/80MHz for 5GHz radios

Wi-Fi Capacity: AC3000 Gigabit Wi-Fi (400 + 867 + 1734 Nvos)

Ethernet Ports:

  • Two 100Mb/1Gb Ethernet ports operating as WAN or LAN

  • Auto-detection of WAN or LAN functionality

Single SSID covering all 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with custom guest access through Plume Access

Router mode with NAT, IPv4 DHCP server and firewall or Bridge operation

Processor: ARM a7 quad core, 717 MHz 

Size: 95.5 mm x 86.7 mm x 39 mm

Bluetooth: LE 4.0

Power supply: 100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 10W Avg, 15W Max