Moving to a new apartment? 

It's a great time to make the move to ultra-fast internet.


So you're moving home, or maybe setting up your first home? Congrats! It's also a great time to consider the type of internet connection you'll need.

Check if GigaComm is available in your apartment building

A few things to consider when choosing your new internet provider.


There’s no need to simply live with slow speeds or poor service. If you’re putting up with poor quality, drop-outs and slow-downs during peak periods it’s a great time to consider if there’s a better choice and consider all the options.


How many people and devices are going to be relying on your internet? You’ll want to ensure that your internet has the download and upload speeds so everyone can work, learn, stream and play regardless of the time of day or number of connected devices.


When you do need help you’ll want to be able to get to the right person easily and quickly. Does your internet service provider own or resell the network? Can you get straight to someone who can answer your question or solve your problem?

Discover why GigaComm is different to the NBN

Ultra-fast plans at great prices

With GigaComm's ultra-fast plans you can work, learn, play or stream regardless of the number of devices or people in your apartment. Our plans start from 200Mbps up to our full Home 1000, Gigabit plan and the speeds are consistently really fast regardless of the time of day.

And if you're looking for ultra-fast download PLUS fast upload speeds you can always double your upload speed on any of our plans for just $20 extra per month.

HOME 200

$79 / month
min. charge $329


Unlimited data

Perfect for smaller households & everyday use

HOME 400

$149 / month
min. charge $399


Unlimited data

Perfect for large households, more devices and multiple uses - WFH, streaming, gaming and study


$169 / month
min. charge $419


Unlimited data

Our ultimate package - delivering the best speeds available for all needs

Double your upload speed on any plan for only $20 extra per month

Install fee $125.00 for no lock-in, month-to-month plan OR Zero install cost on a 24 month plan. GigaComm Gigabit ready router for $125.

GigaComm Plume Next-Generation Wi-Fi Has Arrived

Our Award winning, GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi delivers perfectly consistent connection to every corner of your new apartment.
Plus, if you’re sharing with friends or family it has a great range of features so that your Wi-Fi is reliable, with the latest security and control features.
  • Wi-Fi that proactively adjusts to the needs of everyone in your home – Our next-generation, intelligent Wi-Fi proactively monitors detected Wi-Fi signals and intuitively moves your device to the most stable Wi-Fi connection so, as you move, you always receive the best signal.
  • Best in class security – Always on digital and data security for every device on your network. Unusual behaviour can be detected, quarantined or blocked for each and every device.
  • Content access and parental controls – The ability to restrict content for a device or person with content filtering categories that you can use to personalise and control your online experience.
  • Physical protection in your home – Motion Detection features detect and alert you of movement within the physical Wi-Fi coverage area when you are out of your apartment.
  • Manage users, devices and levels of access – As people come and go from your apartment you can manage access to your Wi-Fi by creating guest passwords that determine what devices anyone can access, including expiration dates for extra security.
What is Plume?

It's great to plan ahead

Once you’ve committed to your move, it’s great to start the planning early so you can think about what you need and consider your choices of Internet Service Providers.

If you’re looking for more information at any stage of the planning process, simply contact our team via chat, ph: 1300 004 442 or via email at from 8.30am-6.00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.