What is Plume Wi-Fi?


Find out more about our Intelligent Wi-Fi Smart Wi-Fi

With GigaComm Plume Pods, you can have powerful Wi-Fi that delivers new levels of control and a perfectly consistent connection to every corner of your home.

Learn more about this incredible new technology from the frequently asked questions below.

Features and Benefits

Your GigaComm Plume SuperPods, plug into your existing power points and are connected with your Gigabit ready router to deliver a seamless Wi-Fi connection in every corner of your home. 

This next generation, intelligent Wi-Fi proactively monitors detected Wi-Fi signals and intuitively connects your device to the most stable Wi-Fi channel so you always get the best signal.

If your device is mobile and you move around the house, it will find the best channel as you move and once again connect you to the optimal channel at the new location.

SuperPods are great in helping to eliminate areas where Wi-Fi coverage drops or is weak, also known as "dead spots".

Extenders and boosters can improve Wi-Fi coverage, with most models requiring a different Wi-Fi name in different areas of your home.  Your devices often connect to the “wrong one” degrading your internet speed or forcing you to tediously switch Wi-Fi names.

In contrast, GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi SuperPods co-operate with each other to automatically switch devices to the SuperPod that provides the best connection, on the best channel.

This ensures that even when your devices are moving around your GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi is always optimising to give you the best experience. 

Yes. It is common in apartments to encounter many Wi-Fi signals and this causes interference with your Wi-Fi signal. This interference reduces the coverage and quality of your Wi-Fi experience. 

GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi addresses these interference issues by constantly monitoring neighbouring Wi-Fi signals and automatically connecting your device to Wi-Fi channels that are stronger or not being used. The process generally prefers 5GHz channels over 2.4GHz channels as this minimises interference and increases available Wi-Fi capacity to your devices.

GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi SuperPods are for anyone who is looking for a seamless and secure Wi-Fi connection in their home. 

They are an especially good solution for areas of poor connectivity or inconsistent Wi-Fi signal, often seen in dense apartment living where many external (and interfering) Wi-Fi signals are being received. They also assist in areas with thicker walls, or materials such as concrete or brick which can block the Wi-Fi signal within your home.

GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi monitors your home environment, device types and data requirements to provide each device the right speed and coverage. For example, if you move your furniture, TV or any devices in your home GigaComm Plume will re-optimise the Wi-Fi to ensure you are still receiving the best quality service. 

GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi utilises multiple wireless channels and SuperPods and the intelligent optimisation enables you to use more devices efficiently, simultaneously.

We have tested the GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi SuperPods to a maximum speed of 400Mbps over Wi-Fi and 1Gbps on the Ethernet ports. Other factors such as distance, phone or laptop specifications, internet plan speed, etc. may restrict your speeds to lower than this maximum.

The GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi SuperPods will not exceed the maximum provisioned speed of your particular GigaComm plan. 

GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi SuperPods and the GigaComm Plume HomePass combine to provide the next generation of perfectly consistent Wi-Fi connections across your home.

GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi provides state-of-the art security features to ensure always-on digital and data security for every device in your network. Using the app you have full control to enable or disable these features. 

It classifies devices using cloud-based AI to develop a whitelist of expected behaviour. For example, normal behaviour is different for a baby-monitor, a laptop and a smart TV. If unusual traffic is detected, it is quarantined or blocked for a particular device. And, because it uses cloud-based AI it is continuously up-to-date with new devices, new behaviours and – most importantly – new threats. 

In addition, GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi provides physical protection in your home via the motion detection feature. This feature identifies movement within the physical Wi-Fi coverage area and notifies you via the GigaComm Plume app of any unusual activity. 

And as people come and go from your home, with GigaComm Plume HomePass control features, you can create guest passwords that determine what devices they can access and with expiration dates for extra security.

For parents, the GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi features a range of website content controls so that parents can manage children’s internet activity. 

Plume's content access feature will allow you to restrict content for a device or person. We have identified the most common content filtering categories that you can use when personalising your online experience.

When setting up content filtering for a person or device, you can enable any of the four content filtering categories:

  1. No limits: You can access all types of content. 
  2. Kids appropriate: Content that is tagged as NOT appropriate for kids will be filtered and inaccessible.
  3. Teenager friendly: Content that is tagged as NOT appropriate for teens will be filtered and inaccessible.
  4. No adult content: All content tagged as adult content will not be accessible.

Please note that all devices associated with a person will inherit the content access settings assigned to that corresponding person. Likewise, applying content access restrictions to a device assigned to a person will apply the same settings to that person. However, if the device is unassigned, the rule will only apply to the device.  

Content access will not work if Privacy Mode has been enabled or if the device is using a Private/Random MAC Address.

Extensive internal and external testing has verified that you won't see any decrease in performance after enabling Adblocking, Online Protection, or any Content Access settings.

The GigaComm Plume HomePass ™  is a smart phone app that helps you visualise and in real-time manage your GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi network. This includes managing your access rules, content control and security features.

You can watch devices moving from SuperPod to SuperPod in real time. You can also monitor your speeds and data usage and review the overall health of all your connections for full performance visibility. 

It’s all powered by tri-band hardware with auto-channel hop technology.

GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi SuperPods work seamlessly with your GigaComm Gigabit ready router. And, with automatic cloud-deployed updates, you know your GigaComm Plume SuperPods are continuously delivering the best Wi-Fi experience for everyone in your home.


Not only are the SuperPods easy to self-install but you have the flexibility to add additional SuperPods as your home needs change; particularly if you are moving to a new home.

Two SuperPods are ideal for medium size or multi-story apartments, (say 2-3 bedrooms). You may need additional SuperPods for larger apartments with areas where thicker walls – often made of concrete and brick, can cause degradation of the Wi-Fi signal. 

If you are unsure about the number of SuperPods you need, we recommend purchasing the SuperPod twin pack and then assessing if you still require any additional SuperPods, which can be purchased individually.

Alternatively, you can always reach out to our customer service team to discuss your needs at info@gigacomm.net.au or contact us on ph: 1300 004 442 between 8.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday (AEST).

No, there is no requirement to purchase the SuperPods. You can purchase the SuperPods based on your individual needs. However, we recommend purchasing the SuperPods if you have locations in your home with poor connectivity or inconsistent Wi-Fi to ensure better wall to wall coverage. 

GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi SuperPods can only be purchased when you purchase one of GigaComm’s residential internet plans.

GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi SuperPods can be purchased when you purchase your GigaComm residential internet plan or at any time while you are a GigaComm internet customer. You can purchase either a 2 pack (initial order and minimum quantity) and you can add additional SuperPods as needed. For pricing visit our Plume page.

You can purchase the SuperPods by contacting us between 8.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday (AEST):

Email: info@gigacomm.net.au

Ph: 1300 004 442

You can also read more about GigaComm Plume SuperPods here.

SuperPods are designed to help ensure that you are accessing consistent Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of your home or business.  Your first SuperPod will be cabled directly to your Gigabit ready router and will provide Wi-Fi coverage in that immediate area. 

The second SuperPod will extend that coverage into other areas of your home or business, ensuring you have wall to wall coverage. It’s ideal to plug your second SuperPod halfway between the area with poor coverage and your Gigabit router.

You are then able to purchase additional SuperPods one by one, if required. 

Installation and Use

You can self-install in minutes. 

You need to have an active high speed GigaComm internet connection, the GigaComm Plume HomePass app, and your SuperPod/s to begin the set-up.

The app will guide you through the easy setup process, starting with creating your Plume account. 

Your GigaComm Plume SuperPods fit into the size of your hand and have been designed to look great in your home. 

They can be plugged directly into the wall socket, meaning no messy cables. 

The GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi is easy to install and you won’t require a technician. The smartphone app will guide you through the self-install process and you will receive an email with the instructions when you receive your SuperPods.

You can download the HomePass by Plume app for free on the App Store or Google Play. The app will provide you with easy-to-follow on-screen instructions.

Note: Be sure to plug your SuperPods into active electrical outlets.  Connect your SuperPods directly to your compatible GigaComm Gigabit router using one of the Ethernet ports on the bottom of the SuperPod - either port can be used.

For step-by-step instructions on installing your GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi SuperPods, please refer to our Installation User Guide.

SuperPods can only be used indoors and should not be placed outside at your home. If you want to extend coverage to an outside area, the best solution is to place the SuperPod on the inside wall outlet that is the closest to the outside area where you want to improve or extend coverage. 

Yes. However both bands are presented under a single Wi-Fi name. The optimisation algorithm will automatically steer your devices to the band that gives you the highest quality Wi-Fi experience. 

You can check the status of your SuperPods by going to the smartphone app. The app will show If a SuperPod is offline and provide troubleshooting steps. A SuperPod that is online and working, will have a green status.

No. Once devices join your home Wi-Fi network, they will automatically connect to the best GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi SuperPod. Simply open your GigaComm Plume HomePass app to see if a device is connected to your SuperPod.

One port, on one SuperPod, is used to connect to the GigaComm Gigabit ready router. The remaining ethernet ports on any of your SuperPods can be used to connect any ethernet compatible device i.e. printers, PCs, TVs etc. These ethernet connected devices will have internet access.

The SuperPods talk to each other wirelessly. You must not connect multiple SuperPods together with an ethernet cable. This is not a supported configuration.

Technical Information

In order to help extend your Wi-Fi connection, SuperPods communicate with the GigaComm router and, depending on their location, they may 'hop' through other SuperPods on their path to get there. The number of 'hops' the SuperPod needs could impact the speed for devices connected to that SuperPod.

Regardless of whether you are using SuperPods, your internet speed is limited to your speed plan, and SuperPods will not increase that speed. In addition, a number of other factors affect Internet speed, including your connection type (Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi), the number and type of devices, the age of your device, website traffic, content provider server capacity and internal network factors. 

SuperPods require that you only have one Wi-Fi network name and password, so that all of your devices can seamlessly connect to the network that will provide the best Wi-Fi signal.

Yes. Both bands are presented under a single Wi-Fi name. The optimisation algorithm will automatically steer your devices to the band that gives you the highest quality Wi-Fi experience. 

In a GigaComm Plume Wi-Fi network, the best connection point for a device may not always be the one that's closest to it. SuperPods communicate with each other and the Gateway to monitor the number and location of devices connected in the home, and the type of Wi-Fi connection that each device needs. This ensures that each device is operating with the best signal.

  • Wi-Fi Interfaces
    • Triple band, simultaneously operating 2.4GHz and 5GHz 2x2 MIMO and 5GHz 4x4 MU-MIMO 802.11b/g/n/ac radios
    • Operating bandwidths of 20/40MHz for 2.4GHz radio and 20/40/80MHz for 5GHz radios
    • AC3000 Gigabit Wi-Fi (400 + 867 + 1734 Mbps)
  • Wireless On-boarding Interface
    • Bluetooth® Smart Ready
  • Wi-Fi Channels
    • 1 to 11 for US and Canada
    • 1 to 13 Rest of world
    • 36 to 48 and 149 to 161 for US and Canada
    • 36 to 48 Rest of world
    • DFS channels
      • 52-64, 100-144 in the US
      • 52-64, 100-116, 132-144 in Canada
      • 52 to 64, 100 to 112 and 132 to 140 Rest of world
  • Security
    • WPA2-PSK (AES)
    • SPI Firewall,
    • VPN passthrough
  • Prioritization
    • WMM, DSCP and 802.1p
  • Wireless Networks
    • Single SSID covering all 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with custom guest access through Plume Access. 
  • Modes of Operation
    • Router mode with NAT, IPv4 DHCP server and firewall or Bridge operation
    • IPv6 propagation when operating in Bridge mode
  • Operating Requirements
    • Temperature: 32 - 104 F (0 - 40C)
    • Humidity: 10% - 90% relative
    • Power: 110 - 240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption is based on operating use
    • 4.5W Standby
    • 10W Average
    • 15W Maximum
  • Plug Types
    • US
    • Plugs directly into the wall
  • Ethernet Ports
    • Two 100Mb/1Gb Ethernet ports operating as WAN or LAN
    • Auto-detection of WAN or LAN functionality
  • Processor: ARM a7 quad core, 717 MHz 
  • RAM Memory: 512 MB
  • Physical Specifications
    • Dimensions: 3.8" x 3.4" x 1.5" (95.5 mm x 86.7 mm x 39 mm), not including plug
    • Weight: 7.65 ounces (217g)
  • 1 year limited warranty