How is GigaComm different to the NBN

GigaComm operates a latest technology network that is completely independent from the NBN. We’ll connect wirelessly and will install a small antenna on your rooftop to connect to the GigaComm network. Our installers will connect a cable from the rooftop antenna to a wall outlet and then to a small power supply in your house at a convenient location where a GigaComm or BYO Wi-Fi router can be connected.

How long does it take to install? How many days will the installer be at my house?

Typically, it takes ½ a day to install. More complex installations may take a full day. There are a series of questions we will ask you after you place your order to help us determine the timeframe. 

How does the install process work?

There are 3 pieces of equipment.

  • GigaComm will install an antenna mount and small radio dish on the rooftop with a single cable down into the house to the required wall outlet connection point.
  • A power supply connects to the wall outlet and to the GigaComm or BYO router via an ethernet cable.
What size is the equipment on my premises?

The equipment on and inside your premise is not large. The Power Supply located inside the house is approximately 15cm x 6cm x 4cm. The antenna on the roof ranges in size depending on the installation. The size range is a 15cm dish (17cm x 23cm x 26cm) or a 30cm dish (17cm x 30cm x 26cm).

Can I have my current service and GigaComm running at the same time?

Yes, we'll deliver the service to a unique/separate connection point in the house as required, we encourage you to compare performance and internet experience.

I'm renting my house, can I still have a GigaComm service?

Connecting to GigaComm requires the installation of supplied equipment by a certified technician. If you are renting your home, you will need to receive approval from the owner of the premise prior to installation. We recommend you receive this approval in writing.

I have a granny flat/basement/etc. attached to/under my house - will the Wi-Fi be able to reach there?

Wi-Fi connectivity needs to be considered separately to the internet service being provided by GigaComm. Connecting to another building on a property generally requires a dedicated point-to-point Wi-Fi device or direct ethernet cabling. We recommend you talk to an electrician or registered cabling expert to provide connectivity to this part of your residence. Direct ethernet cabling is always a more reliable solution although can be more expensive than a Wi-Fi link.

What is the GigaComm Guarantee for houses?

Experience the GigaComm difference commitment free for the first 30 days.

  1. Choose your plan: Decide on which one of our high-speed plans suits your needs.
  2. Put us to the test: Stream, game, video chat and see for yourself.
  3. Love us or leave us: If during your first 30 days you decide our service isn’t for you, get in touch with a member of our support team.
  4. Your money back: We’ll then organise a full refund of any GigaComm service charges incurred up to that date - excluding installation costs.
What happens if I move, does the equipment come with me?

If you move home, the equipment will remain on the original premises. GigaComm has the right to reclaim equipment used in the installation and ongoing maintenance of the service. If equipment is reclaimed this will typically be within 3 months of the service termination. This includes, but is not limited to antennas, mounts, cabling, power supply and router.

Does GigaComm maintain the equipment?

General maintenance on the equipment installed on your house is not required. However, if a problem with your connection should arise, our technicians will visit your house to investigate and rectify the issue. If you are planning to do building works on the roof near the antenna, please let us know and we can advise on any potential issues in disturbing the antenna. If the antenna on your roof is moved due to rooftop repair work or similar, contact us and we’ll visit to reconnect the antenna to our base station site.

Will it damage any of the finishes on my home?

Installation of a GigaComm antenna is much the same as installation of a standard TV antenna, or a Foxtel Satellite dish. Our installers will take every care to ensure there is no damage during installation as well as liaising with you in case you have a preferred method of install or cable run into your premises.

Can you service FTTP houses?

Yes! We deliver high-speed services via a small antenna installed on your rooftop, independent of NBN connection technologies.