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About Xplor

Already a significant player in the APAC payments industry, Transaction Services Group’s (TSG) recent merger with Clearant and the formation of Xplor Technologies, has provided clients in Australia and around the world an integrated solution encompassing smart software, seamless payments and commerce accelerating technologies.

With new offices opening in Melbourne, Ben Beneke, Regional Head of IT Systems Operations APAC for Xplor, was looking for a partner that could develop and deliver a telecommunications solution for their new office environment – in record time.

Helping customers achieve more growth, faster

As the first global company integrating smart software, seamless payments and commerce accelerating technologies, Xplor is helping customers across the world to accelerate their growth.

Their Smart Software Solutions make life simpler for daily activities across four “everyday life” verticals – from childcare, visiting a gym, to home repairs and dry cleaning services, Xplor’s software helps businesses overcome obstacles and form great relationships with their customers.


Opening Xplor’s new Southern Hemisphere office

By July 2021 Xplor was looking to open their new flagship Southern Hemisphere office in Melbourne. An entire floor of a new development which required a complete fit-out that catered to a number of different businesses within the group.

Covid lockdowns added new challenges and barriers to project managing the office fit-out. It was difficult for contractors and Xplor staff to access the building to complete the necessary work on time, and simple things like deliveries became difficult with drivers turning up to locked doors and being unable to deliver.

The Challenge

A key focus of the new fit-out was the need for telecommunications services that would provide the level of capacity, security and redundancy required to ensure Xplor’s businesses could deliver their range of services to clients.

Despite numerous assurances that the required telecommunication services could be installed on schedule and budget, it became clear, close to the opening date, that the incumbent supplier couldn’t meet the agreed install date within the agreed budget. For a software service and payment business connecting millions of people everyday it created a significant problem that Xplor needed to urgently solve.


GigaComm steps in

Following a referral from another business in Melbourne, Ben Beneke got in touch with GigaComm, initially through the customer care team. Within 5 hours he was on a call with the Head of Operations and the Head of Products talking through Xplor’s challenges.

The half hour call became 1 and ½ hours as Ben sat in his driveway discussing the issues with the GigaComm team.

“It was clear that I was talking to people who were prepared to listen, were knowledgeable about the services we needed and were going to work with us to deliver within what was an incredibly short time frame.” - Ben

Discussions between Xplor and GigaComm over the next few days centred on understanding Xplor’s business, and exactly what services they needed. Within 6 days Xplor had received a quote and agreed delivery schedule. Prior to the quote being signed the GigaComm team were already conducting an on-site survey.

GigaComm committed to having services live within 10 days of the site survey and they were delivered by the 16th of July allowing a few days testing prior to the planned soft launch of the new office on the 19th July.

While Covid interrupted the new office opening plans, it didn’t stop GigaComm from delivering the telecommunication services critical to running Xplor’s businesses on time and on budget.

The Solution

During the conversations with Xplor it was clear that they needed a solution and ongoing service that would ensure they had speed, reliability and redundancy to guarantee the business continuity so critical to their clients.

Installed a new fibre optic cable

Installed a new fibre optic cable into a new communication room to connect the GigaComm network to the Xplor network.

Allocated a static IP address and IP Subnet

Allocated a static IP address and IP Subnet ahead of the install date so Xplor could pre-configure their network.

Provided a 10Gbps SFP+

To connect to the GigaComm network, alleviating the need for Xplor to source the required hardware.

Delivered a symmetrical, Gigabit plan

This plan included an allocated CIR (Committed Information Rate), to ensure Xplor has the consistently high download and upload speeds.

The Result

From the start to the finish of the install they were anticipating what we needed and making it easy for our team. Obviously, the fact they were competitively priced was important, but the ease of working with them and their commitment to doing what they said they were going to was a big value driver for us.

- Ben Beneke Regional Head of IT Systems Operations APAC for Xplor

From the initial conversation to delivery of services took less than 3 weeks. And less than 3 months from the initial install and based on the reliability and high performance of the GigaComm service, Xplor has committed to a 2 year contract.

“Look the GigaComm service has been flawless, and our team are delighted. We have the speed, reliability and redundancy we need to run our business and to ensure continuity if there is an issue.” said Ben.

“Our businesses and teams have been given a speed boost and from an IT perspective we have met my mantra, which is to do 2 things – build sturdy foundations and remove roadblocks so people can do the work they need to and deliver an exceptional level of service to our clients.”

“Working with GigaComm continues to be a mutually beneficial partnership. The team came to the party every time, working with us closely on everything from gaining building access and managing logistical issues, working through contract elements with our legal team, extending the services we need and ensuring timely communication. They removed any blockers that hit us along the way.”

“When I reach out, they are always super helpful, and provide the information and solutions I need. They are really easy to work with.”

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