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Just like access to good transport, schools or great design, access to reliable and fast internet is an essential part of modern apartment living. Unfortunately, outdated infrastructure has left many Sydney and Melbourne apartment residents settling for poor connections, ranking a lowly 88th in internet speed worldwide.
(source: Ookla Global Index –, as at 27 Oct 2023)

By connecting your building to our non-NBN network, your residents and owners can enjoy the benefits of ultra-fast and reliable internet, giving your building a competitive edge.

Benefits to your strata group Benefits for the building

apartment building

Increased value of building

With no capital outlay to OC.

$0 Cost

We cover installation, maintenance and upkeep costs.

No Interference

To existing internet providers in the building.

our process How we connect your building to our network

Statutory Notice
We will send a statutory notice as per the requirements of the Telecommunications Act to arrange an inspection of the site.
Visual Inspection
We will inspect the premises and common areas such as the MDF/Communications room, switchboard room and rooftop, to determine the suitability of the building.
Installation Design
If the building is suitable, we will provide an engineering design detailing the type and locations of the equipment we propose to install. This will be accompanied by a statutory notice as per the requirements of the Telecommunications Act, outlining our intent to build.
If you’d like to get clarification, we can organise a meeting to present the solution and cover any questions or amendments.
Most installations will take 5-10 business days and include a cabinet in the MDF or rooftop and controller boxes in the riser cupboards. We’ll use the existing copper infrastructure to deliver services without invasive work into apartments.
Once connected our team can come into the building, answer any resident questions and offer special deals to residents who sign up.

Hear from Gordon Streight, a Strata Committee Chairman on how he partnered with GigaComm to add value to their residents.

What our installation looks like

Installation is completed by our experienced technicians. They adhere to Australian professional standards, are neat and tidy, and the equipment installed is low impact facility and non-disruptive. Our installers and our equipment will not cause any damage to common property.

DPU type 1
DPU type 1
DPU type 2
DPU type 2
GigaComm krone blocks
GigaComm krone blocks
GigaComm cabinet
GigaComm cabinet

We make it easy and painless to connect your building to our network, using the latest low-impact facility equipment and following the highest standards to avoid disruptions and ensure there is no damage to common property.

Hear from Andrew, a GigaComm Network Deployment Manager on the GigaComm process.

Benefits to your strata group Benefits for residents


Consistently reliable internet services

Using cutting edge technology to bypass the nbn, your residents can forget about buffering, frozen screens and video lag.

Ultra-fast speeds

Residents can stream, browse, work and connect with our 200-1000Mbps download and 50-100Mbps upload plans, starting from just $79 p/m.

Local customer service

Our Australian based support team can help solve any queries quickly and painlessly.
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Special deals and offers

We offer a range of options to make switching easy.

In-building launch


Frequently asked questions

For smaller buildings, installation takes 5-10 business days working during business hours only. Larger buildings can take longer, however we can scale our workforce to ensure the works have as little impact to residents as possible.

If the building has specific requirements about power tools, a works plan can be submitted in advance to notify residents.

Low impact facility equipment has a very small footprint. Most installations have a cabinet in the MDF or rooftop plant room approximately the size of a large microwave, and controller boxes in the riser cupboards similar in size to a shoe box or existing network switches. The rooftop installation has a pole that is 3m tall and GigaComm do not install microwave dishes larger than 620mm.

No, the system is design to run completely independently of existing ISP’s (including the NBN) equipment and will not interfere with free-to-air TV or Foxtel services. Should in the unlikely event there is an issue with a building service after installation works is complete, please get in contact and GigaComm will investigate.

GigaComm’s network technology uses existing copper infrastructure to deliver services to customers over their existing wall socket. There is no invasive works into apartments with internal works confined to MDF/rooftop plant room and risers.

As per our regulatory obligations, the upkeep and maintenance of the system is GigaComm’s responsibility and at our cost.

Should a building notice that something appears to be requiring maintenance please reach out to us and we can assess and if required make good.

GigaComm is happy to supply relevant completions documentation including photos and compliance certificates (electrical etc.) to the building for their records at the completion of works. GigaComm takes its responsibility to buildings seriously and want to ensure that the workmanship is of the highest quality.

GigaComm employs Australia’s leading telecommunications service providers to build and maintain our network. All contractors must have relevant licenses and insurances to complete work. Each contractor must complete a safe method work statement and daily prestart activities as part of insurance safety and compliance whilst working on site. Should the building require some of this documentation, it can be provided upon request.

GigaComm’s equipment is point to point radio and is not 5G mobile. There is no signal broadcast into people’s apartments and the radio signal passes above human usable space before entering the building by a connecting optic fibre cable. Think of it like “pipes in the sky” but instead of water, its information being passed between points. Further, the frequency of the equipment is such that it cannot penetrate solid material and is installed meeting Australian standards.

GigaComm can supply EME safety certificates of radio equipment for the building’s records at request.