Are too many devices slowing down your internet?

Nov 20 , 2020
Are too many devices slowing down your internet?

Having too many devices connected to your WiFi may be slowing down your internet.

If you’ve been experiencing slow internet, it may be something to do with how many devices are connected to the WiFi.

As the world moves towards a ‘cloud-based’ life, we become more dependent on our devices to stay connected to both friends and colleagues. However, as more people try to connect to their router, the strain on the internet becomes more noticeable. People want to do different things online, whether it’s stream Netflix, play Fifa 21 online, or host business meetings over Zoom. You’ve probably noticed when everyone does this at once, your internet speed takes a nosedive. 

The reason why your internet connection is overwhelmed is because of your bandwidth. Bandwidth is the capacity of your internet. For instance, imagine a single-lane highway with a 100km speed limit. It could easily become congested by hundreds of cars; this becomes far easier if the highway is only a two-lane road. In this scenario, the router is the highway and the cars are your WiFi-enabled devices. The ideal scenario would be to have the router equivalent of an eight-lane highway with no speed limit, but this isn’t always possible.

If you think your issue is a bandwidth problem and your router is being overwhelmed by too much internet traffic, there are several things you can do to help quickly resolve the issue.

Move your router 

The first, and quickest, fix would be to try relocating your router. Moving your WiFi router to a more opportune location can help blanket your home or business in more consistent WiFi, allowing for a stronger and more reliable connection. Make sure your router isn’t in a corner surrounded by brick walls, place your router in an open, high location to improve your internet connection.

Upgrade your router

Aside from moving your router, there are other ways to make your WiFi more comfortable supporting multiple devices. You could purchase a new router, specifically choosing a router built with multiple devices in mind. It’s recommended you change your WiFi router every 3-4 years to make sure your internet is running optimally.

Install a Mesh system 

If the problem isn’t your WiFi router, then you may benefit from installing a mesh system in your home. A mesh system places several WiFi nodes across your home or business, blanketing your house in a consistent and strong cloud of WiFi. This takes the strain off your lone WiFi router, meaning you can connect a myriad of different devices to play Call of Duty, stream Netflix, or take part in business meetings at the same time.

There are several different mesh systems available in the market, some of which are made by the biggest companies in the tech industry. However, there are several, smaller companies giving these bigger companies a run for their money. One of the most prominent is PLUME, who offer a reliable internet connection, easy to use interface, and strong cybersecurity protection. While PLUME is currently unavailable in Australia, GigaComm has exciting plans to bring this innovative product to Australian shores in the near future.

It’s important to remember that, if you’re experiencing issues with your internet, there’s a good chance your WiFi router is the problem. However, if your slow internet connection continues after making these changes, it may be time to bite the bullet and get in touch with your internet service provider.

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