What Makes the GigaComm Network Reliable?

An Ultra-Fast, Reliable Network With GigaComm

As the world becomes more and more dependent on the internet, the need only increases for ultra-fast, reliable networks to deliver that speed.

Regardless of the significant investment made over the last 10 years in rolling out the NBN, many Australian’s are still suffering from slow, and inconsistent internet speeds. Speeds which mean businesses can’t be as productive as they would like to be, and consumers are frustrated with slow streaming, drop-outs and high latency during peak periods.

GigaComm's Advanced mmWave Network

With regards to speed, reliability, and consistency, GigaComm promises to deliver all three in abundance by using its advanced mmWave network system.

mmWave is a short-range, high-frequency wave. As the mmWave has a shorter wavelength, it can hold more data and this makes the mmWave ideal for the modern, reliable, and ultra-fast internet we all need to work, learn, stream, and play games online! 

While it leverages the same advanced technology as 5G, GigaComm uses a higher capacity millimetre wave spectrum to provide fixed high-speed internet. And unlike 5G you won’t have to compromise between speed and download limits. GigaComm’s technology removes these constraints so you can have ultra-fast, symmetrical Gigabit speeds AND unlimited data.

As a result, GigaComm delivers ultra-fast internet speeds up to 15x faster than the Australian average. 

The issue with the current NBN rollout is that it relied on cheap, outdated copper wiring to complement its high-speed fibre. This copper wiring resulted in bottlenecks that severely limited the maximum achievable speed on the NBN. As a result, the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission found that over a quarter of NBN customers weren't receiving their desired speed.

With GigaComm, you will not have to deal with these bottlenecks. With GigaComm,  you will receive your desired internet speed throughout the day, regardless of whether or not it's an 'on or off-peak' hour and irrespective of how many devices are connected to your router.


GigaComm provides great value Gigabit Internet, delivered over our revolutionary network. 

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