What Is The GigaComm Guarantee?

Make the switch to GigaComm – risk free

We understand how critical your internet is to work, learn, play, stream and communicate.

And we know that while a lot of Australian businesses and homes are frustrated with their speeds and service, that changing your internet provider can feel too hard or not high on the priority list.

You may have been with your current service provider for many years and when you think about changing you think about waiting on phone lines for someone to help or the risk of being without your internet service for a period of time.

Here at GigaComm we appreciate just how precious your time is and how critical your internet is. And we also want you to experience business and home internet that delivers a new level of speed and reliability you may not have experienced before.

So we created the GigaComm Guarantee.

At GigaComm we are so certain you’ll love the Gigabit difference from your GigaComm service and the great support you will receive from our 100% Australian based support team that you can try us out risk free for the first month.

If for any reason you decide not to continue with your GigaComm service, you can call us before the completion of your first month and we’ll be happy to provide a full refund of any GigaComm charges incurred up to that date.

What makes us so confident you’ll love your GigaComm service?

First of all, did we mention the consistently ultra-fast speeds you will get with your new GigaComm service for your home or business? Up to Gigabit speeds that mean what could take minutes can now take seconds, even during peak times and with multiple users. And we don’t just offer ultra-fast download speeds that are more than 10x the Australian average, you can also get fast upload speeds as well.

Our network uses the latest technology and is completely independent from the NBN. We have designed, own and manage our own network, so our people are all locally based and are knowledge and can fix any problem that might happen. This means when you call you’ll quickly reach someone who can actually help you.

They’re the same people who would love to talk to you today about making the move to reliable, ultra-fast internet in your home or business.

Why not contact us today at info@gigacomm.net.au, or ph:1300 004 442. Our team are available from 8.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday (AEST)

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