What Is The GigaComm Guarantee?

GigaComm Puts Our Customers First

We know how critical the internet is to our everyday lives whether it’s to work, stay in touch,  game or stream your favourite movie.

You only have to read the review sites to see just how many Australians aren’t getting the internet speeds they really need, let alone the ones they are paying for!

On top of the issues surrounding lack of speed, there’s also a lack of service and support. This leads to even more frustration that no one needs. 

Our independent network is entirely separate from the NBN. Incorporating mmWave fixed wireless, we deliver the typical high performance, speed and reliability you achieve with fibre but without the cost, time and delays of laying cables. 

Also because we are independent of the NBN, we’re not weighed down by the NBN wholesale costs that other internet providers have to pay. As a result, we’re able to deliver fast, affordable internet with fantastic customer service.

When you do need us, we have an Australian based support team ready to answer any questions you may have.

The GigaComm Guarantee

In fact, we are so certain you’ll love the Gigabit difference from your GigaComm service and the support of our helpful team that we are happy to offer the GigaComm Guarantee.

If for any reason you decide not to continue with your GigaComm service, you can call us before the completion of your first month and we’ll be happy to provide a full refund of any GigaComm charges incurred up to that date.

GigaComm provides great value Gigabit Internet, delivered over our revolutionary network. 

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