What Does GigaComm Offer?

Ultra-Fast, Reliable Internet With GigaComm

GigaComm is an ambitious telecommunications company that aims to bring Australian internet into the 21st Century. We're currently rolling out our own independent network that will guarantee users across Australia ultra-fast, reliable, and strong internet with our millimetre wave (mmWave) network.

mmWave is a short-range, high-frequency wave. As the mmWave has a shorter wavelength, it can hold more data and this makes the mmWave ideal for the modern, ultra-fast internet we all need to work, study, play, and stream online!  

The GigaComm Difference 

Our independent network is entirely separate from the NBN. Incorporating mmWave fixed wireless, we deliver the typical high performance, speed and reliability you achieve with fibre but without the cost, time and delays of laying cables.

Our wireless network, or Air Web as we call it, depends upon a series of network points placed upon rooftops or street lights. We then use existing wiring in your premises to get you connected to our network. 

Our Air Web network allows us to offer speeds over 100mbs, making GigaComm's internet run 15x faster than the national average in Australia.

While it leverages the same advanced technology as 5G, GigaComm uses a higher capacity millimetre wave spectrum to provide fixed high-speed internet. Unlike 5G you won’t have to trade-off between speed and download limits. GigaComm’s technology removes these constraints so you can have ultra-fast, symmetrical Gigabit speeds AND unlimited data.

Also, because we are independent of the NBN, we’re not weighed down by the NBN wholesale costs that other internet providers have to pay. As a result, we’re able to deliver fast, affordable internet with fantastic customer service.

As a result, this means GigaComm can funnel more time, energy, and resources into ensuring that our customers don't only have the ultra-fast internet speed we promised, but that they also have an elite service to match.

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