The Latest Technologies for Next Level Internetting at Home

The key to the GigaComm network is our focus on the “last mile”. This is the connection from your apartment or house to our equipment, in order to provide a high speed, low latency experience with speeds up to 1Gbps.

Next Level Technology for the Last Mile

Fibre and Fixed Wireless

Our Fibre and Fixed Wireless solution delivers a Fibre-like experience to your house over a latest technology wireless link.
We use radio equipment designed and built to the Meta TerraGraph standard.
The GigaComm Fixed Wireless service delivers extremely low latency (average 2-4ms), and download speeds up to 1Gbps and superior upload speeds up to 100Mbps.

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Suitable for:
  • list-icon-multi-storey-houses Multi-storey Houses
  • list-icon-single-storey-houses Single-storey Houses
  • list-icon-terrace-houses Terrace-houses
  • list-icon-semi-detached-houses Semi-detached homes
Fibre to the Distribution Point

Our FTTx solution uses a variety of latest technology fibre and wireless backhaul technologies to create a network backbone connection into the building, to then connect to a customer’s apartment – delivering a resilient, high capacity and low latency connection with speeds up to 1 Gbps.

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What our customers say

Australians across the country are experiencing Next Level Internetting.

I'm loving the performance, low-latency, and stability of the service.



Fastest internet speeds I have ever had the pleasure of using.



Very lucky to have access to great non-NBN solutions.



The speed is awesome, and more than that, it's consistent.



No disruption, great speed and connection. Not only is the internet technology great but excellent onboarding support from the service & delivery team.



There's just no comparison between what we used to put up with and what we are getting from GigaComm. Our home internet is consistently really fast which makes everyone in the house a whole lot happier.


South Yarra

NBN was slow and too variable at peak times. The GigaComm service has been a complete game changer since the start. Speeds are highly consistent and at least 10x what we previously experienced. The installation and customer service journey has been terrific.


South Yarra